Apple Self Service Agreement

1.2 Data services. If your Apple Mac product can store software, data or other information (“data”), Apple may try to transfer that data to a replacement device. During the service, the data may be lost. In this case, Apple is not responsible for the data loss. 4. Export control. You cannot use or export or re-export in any way the products you have used, unless the laws of the jurisdiction in which the products were purchased permit it. In particular, products must not be exported or re-exported in violation of export laws, including export or re-export, if any, to countries subject to U.S. embargo or persons on the U.S.

Treasury Department`s specially designated national list or on the U.S. Department of Commerce`s list of persons denied. You state that you are not in a country or on a list where the availability of a product would be contrary to current legislation. You also agree that you do not use the products for purposes prohibited by applicable legislation. 1.11.5 Apple advises you to check the status of service orders Apple is trying to ensure that all service providers are able to provide exceptional customer service to the highest standards in the industry. The status of an authorized Apple service provider gives your customers confidence and improves your reputation. Organizations that are not eligible for the Self Servicing Account Program can use existing authorized Apple service and support channels: they also have the right to choose a refund or replacement for major outages with goods. If a failure with the good or service is not just a major failure, you are entitled to a correction of the failure in a timely manner. If this is not the case, you are entitled to the refund of the goods and the termination of the benefit contracts and the reimbursement of an unused part.

They are also entitled to damages for any other reasonably foreseeable damages resulting from a failure of the property or service. 3.1 Service guarantee. For all service orders, Apple guarantees that (1) the services provided are ninety (90) days from the date of (2) excluding batteries, all parts or products used in service are free of hardware and processing errors from the date of use, and (3) batteries installed as part of Apple`s battery exchange service for portable Apple Mac computers are free of hardware and processing errors for one year from the date of operation.

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