Canada And United Nations International Agreements

`Any treaty or international agreement concluded by a member of the United Nations. is registered as soon as possible with the Secretariat and published by the Secretariat. (Article 102 of the Charter of the United Nations) Commitment to multilateralism is the cornerstone of Canadian foreign policy. The United Nations is Canada`s most important international forum for promoting issues of importance to Canadians and for cooperating with partners around the world to address global challenges. Global security and prosperity can only be achieved by working together towards a common goal: a more just, inclusive and sustainable world. Mr. de Boer has published and lectured on international business and environmental issues, including at Western University School of Law, Ryerson University and Western Case Reserve University School of Law. Through diplomacy, negotiation and analysis of United Nations activities, the Mission works to advance Canada`s interests and strengthen the pillars of the United Nations: international development, peace and security, and human rights. One of Canada`s top priorities is the protection and enhancement of the rules-based international order by promoting values of inclusive and accountable governance, including the promotion of human rights, the strengthening of women`s roles and gender equality, and peaceful pluralism.

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