City Of Olympia Collective Bargaining Agreement

Given the general power of collective bargaining provided for in this Chapter rcW, this can certainly happen in all cases where the workers concerned are not already subject to a previous contractual obligation to work during this period.6/It should be said, however, that the mere act of recognition or certification will not lead to the conclusion of this agreement between the parties. Click on the link below to view intergovernmental agreements, contracts and franchise agreements. This list contains only the most frequently requested contracts and agreements. To request a copy of a document that is not listed on this page, please contact the city`s author at (360) 438-2625 or The main case in this matter is, from the point of view of the Constitution, Christian v. The Port of Olympia, 27 Wn.2d 534, 179 p.2d 294 (1947). In this case, a new, higher compensation rate, ordered by a war arbitration service for the occupied port areas, was applied retroactively to the expiry date of a previous employment contract for these employees. However, the Tribunal found that at the time of the expiry of the previous contract, an explicit agreement had been reached, under which the workers agreed to continue working after that date, provided that the wages they were currently receiving should not be regarded as full compensation and that the new sentence, when fixed by arbitration, was not to be considered as full compensation, would apply to such work. The Tribunal then concluded that the additional payments, which are reflected in this `retroactive` application of the new contract, do not constitute gifts within the meaning of Article VIII(7) or additional compensation for services previously provided within the meaning of Article II(25); Instead, these payments were seen as a form of deferred or pre-agreed compensation….

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