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Section 53 of the Employment Relations Act 2000 provides that an expired collective agreement remains viable for an additional 12 months, provided that the union or employer has entered into negotiations to replace the collective agreement before the expiry of the deadline. 3.3.3. For new teachers recruited from the employer, the teacher is placed on a four-year training course until the employer receives satisfactory proof of teacher training or a certificate of application from the teacher qualification service. 2.2.1 Negotiations on the list of central and local affairs must begin no later than 6 months and no more than 8 months before the expiry of the collective agreement in force at the time and be initiated by a written communication from the Federation or teBA to the other. The expiry of a collective agreement does not necessarily mean the end of the collective agreement. If proof of teacher training or application is not presented within 60 days of operation, the salary is adjusted to the month following this presentation. 2.5.2 If a strike or lockout begins during the central negotiations, the continuation of the collective agreement is suspended until an agreement on essential conditions is ratified in accordance with Section 11(4) PECBA or the central conditions are otherwise settled. If you want a printed copy of this agreement, we advise you to download the following PDF version. 3.2.2 The number of years of apprenticeship and the years of instruction calculated under this agreement together determine the basic salaries of each teacher employed by the employer. The parties agree that adjustments to the compensation scales for the duration of the collective agreement will be referred to a mandatory voluntary interest rate arbitration procedure under the following conditions: 3.3.2. Adaptation dates for the strengthening of teacher training are September 1 and February 1. 1.9 This collective agreement benefits and binds the parties and their rights holders.

3. The pilot project may end prematurely with the mutual agreement of the employer and the associated bargaining unit of the association. 3. Subject to Article 11.1.5, a teacher on maternity leave must take at least six (6) weeks` leave immediately after the day of delivery. A teacher may, with the employer`s consent, reduce the duration of the six (6) weeks following the actual delivery date by providing the employer with a medical certificate certifying that the return to work does not endanger her health. 1.11 Effective January 29, 2020, all provisions of the collective agreement are considered gender neutral. Access current collective agreements and their relevant key dates. 3.3.1 The evaluation of a teacher`s training for salary purposes is determined by a performance report issued by the Qualification Service of the Alberta Teachers` Association, in accordance with guidelines and principles approved by the Ministry of Wage Qualifications, established as part of an agreement reached on March 23 between the Ministry of Education, the Association and the Alberta Association of Business Councils.

, 1967.

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