Join with people from all over the world for the first of these incredibly, powerful and life changing practices in the Falling in Love with You: 30 days, 30 Ways to get Back to and Fall in Love with You experience starting on 14th February 2016.

Leanne and I have teamed up to share a few minutes every day for 30 days with you to take you through a series of suggestions, challenges and fun things to do each day.

Self-love is a state of consistent appreciation and admiration for the self that grows when you take actions to support your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being and development. When you are able to embrace all of who you are, you can begin to accept not only your strengths, you are able to more fully recognise the areas where you may need a little more love and growth. Life is full of situations, experiences and relationships which can present challenges and problems for us to overcome, with a little confidence, compassion and love for self you can stand in your power, be more of who you truly are and live you life with purpose, value and love.

The practice of self-love or valuing all of who you are on a daily basis is incredibly simple, profoundly enlightening and is the foundation upon which all of your relationships are built. Once you begin to show yourself some love, you can start to bring about profound positive changes to all areas of your life — this is part of your journey of personal and spiritual growth. Because each of you will give and receive love in different ways, that often fit with your natural talents, skills and abilities, The Falling in Love with You experience is an easy and fun way for you to begin learning about how you need to see, hear, feel and know that you are so incredibly worthy of receiving all the love that your heart desires in your everyday life!

Starts: 14th February 2016

Finishes: 15th March 2016

Includes: Access to a secret Falling in Love with You Group where you will receive your daily self-love experience videos which will include exercises, meditations and processes as well as allow you the space to discuss what comes up for you in completing them, any insights gained and any learnings that you could continue to apply in your everyday life!

Join Now & take 30 days to discover 30 Ways to get Back to and Fall in Love with You!

Join with Leanne and I on the Falling in Love with You experience, a high vibrational space of love, joy, compassion and acceptance to move you towards knowing that you are enough and worthy of incredible love in all areas of your life. Whether you call it self-love, self-care or self-worth, by the end of the 30 days you will understand how you need to receive love so that you can begin thriving, accepting and embracing all of who you are!


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