In the second stage, the bud attaches onto a vine and grows slowly toward the surface.  As the vine transcends through the murky water, the lotus bud continues to face inward.

Many people move through life on autopilot.  They spend their time wishing and hoping for life to be ‘different’ in some way, never really knowing what that ‘different’ means to them.  They are fed their beliefs by the information that is streamed into their living rooms every day, afraid to challenge the status quo and find it easier to do what they have always done because this keeps them ‘safe.’

Rebuilding our lives after divorce can be faced as a struggle that may well continue to be a pattern that we deal with throughout our lives or it can be seen as an opportunity.

  • An opportunity to take control of our lives that we may never have had if we had stayed in our relationship.
  • An opportunity to learn more about ourselves, about others and about life itself

The rebuilding phase of this journey is about rebuilding or recreating more awareness of yourself, what’s really important to you and building the inner resilience, strength and courage to take with you into your future to more effectively manage whatever challenges and opportunities life sends your way and ultimately allow you to live the life you were always meant to live.

Each of us has the ability to create a powerful life and we all have our own definition of what that means to us.  In this stage of the program we will dig a little deeper into helping you gain more insights and understanding of yourself and how you currently operate in the world so you can move into the next phase more informed with more opportunities and choices available for you.

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