Saint Leo University Housing Agreement

Over the past five years, Saint Leo University`s housing and food costs have been adjusted by an average of 3.5% per year. Newcomers this year should expect to pay an average of US$17,788 for housing and food costs, according to today`s movements. These people will probably have to pay at the end 18,146 USD in the second year and 18,510 USD for the 4th year. The chart below gives you the average expected cost of housing and meal plans on and off campus for Saint Leo University. It is necessary to learn all the expenses related to the university so that you are able to prepare accordingly. The cost of supply, accommodation and meal plans can really add up after 4 years (or more)! Make the best financial decision for yourself by taking this cost into account. Saint Leo University offers students residential dishes and welcome dishes. The cost of housing a standard student was $7,860 between 2019 and 2020, and the price of a typical diet was $5,250. The total cost of rooms and distributions over four years is $73,326; For only two years it will be 35,934 $US. Saint Leo University offers most of its courses online. If you are an online student, your cost of living will probably continue as it is. Don`t forget if you`re planning your university degree.

With a total cost of living on campus of $17,094, Saint Leo University is above the U.S. average of 14,738 $US.

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