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For example: for a 3-day public course, the EIA is 2,700 USD. Therefore, for this course you need 270 credits. An e-learning lesson, where the EIA is 450 $US, would require 45 credits. Eta credits are valid for 12 months from the date the signed agreement was received by SAS. Advanced analytics software for teaching and academic research. The software offered under this agreement consists of a standard set of SAS® Education Analytic Suite, with sas products® frequently used. It is also possible to license other individual products of sas` Advanced Analytics group. Now, SAS Viya The University of Missouri has entered into a license agreement for THE SAS Institute`s PC software. This license reduces the unit costs of the software and allows users to use the software on university-owned computers, provided certain restrictions are met. It is the University of Missouri`s policy to abide by software licensing agreements and encourage all users to do the same. UMKC Information Services will not knowingly assist in any breach of such agreements or allow its devices to be used. SAS is in the process of developing its IT architecture and extending the agreement with Enfo until spring 2023.

This agreement means that Enfo will develop SAS`s SAS Enterprise Integration Platform (SEIP) and help the company transition to cloud-based Microsoft Azure. . SAS offers a comprehensive training program for all levels of users. In exceptional cases, they may be available to chest customers with education discount. Please call your local SAS training office in order to obtain more information and determine eligibility for education awards. В повседневной работе врачи и ученые сталкиваются с задачами анализа данных. With the development of science and technology, methodological requirements and principles of research with patients are becoming more and more stringent. In order to increase the objectivity of the results, the study should therefore be conducted in accordance with the principles of evidence-based medicine [1].

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