Redesign Your Life FAQ

This program is focused uniquely and exclusively on you. Whilst it draws on powerful and successful strategies and activities, it is not an off the shelf, one size fits all, solution.

It is tailored for you. There are no round pegs and square holes – it is a perfect fit for you.

Not only do we design your program from scratch, based on your responses to the Personal Inventory Questionnaire, we discuss the program with you before you arrive to make sure it is the perfect fit for you right now.

In addition to that, we check in every morning of the program to confirm our focus and identify where your energy is. We course correct during the program if needs be.

The missing piece in many other self-development styled programs is that they are too off the shelf, too focused on the guru, and not tailored enough to the individual participating in the program. As a result, core elements are skipped over or skipped entirely, leaving the person being coached feeling like they were handed someone else’s clothes to wear. That doesn’t happen in this program, ever.

This program is also practical. You receive use it now tools, for all areas of your life, combined with mindset tools that clear the clutter that’s holding you back and keeping you stressed and stuck.

The REDESIGN YOUR LIFE COACHING PROGRAM is fundamentally and structurally different to any other program you might have seen or participated in before. I create each program from the ground up and use every part of my knowledge and experience to give you the experience you need – the experience that will change your life.

Are you that busy, really? So many of us use busy as an excuse to stop us moving on, moving up and making our lives happen. We are bogged down with busy, and sometimes it’s just an excuse, a red herring, or a simple untruth.

And even if your life is genuinely full, there’s a reason you are reading this FAQ page right now, and that’s because this program is calling you. There’s something that intrigues, excites or beckons you. You want to know more, and if you are a woman who has survived divorce and desperately wants to redesign her life, exactly as she wants it, this program is probably perfect for you.

Yes, this program will be worth it. One thousand times over, it will be worth it.

This is one thing that you truly are worth, so now is the time to invest deliberate and focused time and attention on you. Make the rest of your life really worth living and celebrating every day.

Because of the unique nature and design of this program, you will not receive volumes of reading or more stuff to add to your to-do list. This program will provide you with doable steps, practical ideas that mobilise you, and an experienced and empathic helping hand to inspire and support you to redesign the life of your dreams.

We cover in one week what most programs cover in six or twelve months. Yes, it’s condensed into one glorious week of deliberate focused attention on you, but the payoff will last for months and years into the future.

The program also draws on years of experience, and takes considerable preparation to pull together for each woman who participates. I don’t just pull a few pages out of binders on my shelves – your program is carefully custom designed, just for you. That takes care, and time. And all that is covered in your program fee.

This program has the potential to be literally life changing. It’s worth asking yourself what else have you tried before to address this issue, things that haven’t worked or haven’t stuck? What issues to do with your career and work, money and finances, relationships, health, fitness, image, spirituality and soul care – have you tried to address before, unsuccessfully or with only partial success?

And if you continue you on as you are now, if nothing changes, where does that leave you in another 6 months? In another year?

And are you really willing to live for years to come, perhaps the rest of your life with ordinary, with just okay?

Okay so that’s a rhetorical question. Just okay is definitely not good enough – your life should be lived fully, richly, in 3D living colour! And that’s what this program is designed to help you do – redesign the life you’ve always wanted, exactly the way you want it.

When you register onto the program, we ask that you either pay the full $4500 upfront or that you pay a $1500 deposit, with two additional payments of $1500 each to be made within 2 weeks of registering. As soon as your program is scheduled, we quarantine not only the 6 days of your program, but considerable preparation time in advance of your program. It is important that we know you’re committed to the program so that nobody’s time is wasted.

We understand that sometimes life takes unexpected turns and you may need to reschedule or cancel out of the program. As each program is uniquely custom designed we cannot take a substitute in your place.

If you postpone or cancel within one week of the program, we will refund 75% of your full course fee minus any direct outlay associated with your unique program (eg: booking fees for particular sessions). If you postpone or cancel 7+ days out from your program, we will refund 85% of your full course fee.

We set these policies deliberately and with a great deal of consideration. These policies are designed to give you some measure of reassurance, and they are also there to provide some protection to me in the unlikely event of a lack of commitment from someone when booking into the program.

The program is run in Noosa for two specific reasons and at the moment we do not offer the program in any other location.

The first reason we run this program in Noosa is because it is one of the most beautiful places on the planet and a top tourist destination for people around the globe. Noosa has a beautiful and gentle spirit – just being here lifts your soul. Noosa also combines a wonderful array of amenities and services – a full range that we will draw on to create and bring to life your unique REDESIGN YOUR LIFE COACHING PROGRAM. Noosa is a place that embraces and inspires transformation.

I use a variety of carefully selected venues around the Sunshine Coast for our sessions. I understand the impact of environment and how important it is to have the right impact to support and inspire the work we are doing together.

Secondly, I live here. Noosa is my home and one of my favourite places to be. I love the ocean, I love sunsets and sunrises, I love nature and walking trails – all things we have in abundance in Noosa.

Your coach for this program is Jenny Smith, the founder and owner of the Divorced Women’s Club.  You do not get a support or secondary coach, or an assistant or anybody else except recommended professionals who are part of your unique custom designed coaching program (and even then, I am part of every session in some way).

The program costs do not include travel to and from Noosa so you will need to organize that.


If program-related local travel is required during your program, I will provide that (you do not need to have a car as far as the program itself goes).

We’ve made it easy for you to arrange your travel to and from Noosa.