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If the content submitted by the User is expressly subject to the terms of a separate agreement between OSA and the User Author, including, but not limited to, an agreement to transfer copyright, license or publication, then, in the event of disagreement between these Terms of Use and the terms of the separate agreement on a subject covered by this separate agreement, priority and control. If you feel that you are the copyright holder on content submitted by the user to the website and that you have not authorized the publication (either by yourself or by an authorized third party) and you wish the content to be removed from the site, please contact OSA at l`elec@osa.org with a description of the content and a summary of your intellectual property rights. Users may not use the website to post, (a) post, transfer, distribute, store or destroy documents (a) in violation of applicable laws or regulations, or (b) in a manner that violates the copyright, trademark, trade secret or other intellectual property rights of others, or violates the privacy, advertising or other individual rights. Users may not publish, transfer, distribute or store sexually explicit, defamatory, obscene, threatening or offensive material. OSA cannot, but is not obligated to monitor, monitor all content that you have transmitted, posted or posted on the site, transmitted or posted by users, to investigate reported or manifest violations of the OSA policy and to take any action that OSA deems appropriate at its discretion. The site may contain links to non-OSA websites. OSA is not responsible for the practices of other sites. These Terms of Use apply exclusively to websites hosted and managed by OSA. We advise you to be aware of the terms of use and privacy practices of any non-OSA website you visit. OSA disclaims any responsibility for any information published by other parties on the site.

Because Internet authentication is difficult, OSA does not guarantee that every user of this site is the one they claim. We are not involved in user-to-user transactions, meetings, etc. and we assume no responsibility for their results.

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