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It is also possible that DL AA does not accept, but AA accepts DL This is how the agreements sometimes work In April of this year, participating airlines accepted new industry-wide fares for moving customers between airlines during irregular operations. Delta recently decided to withdraw from this joint agreement and negotiate an individual agreement with American. We were unable to agree on an agreement with Delta and therefore agreed to terminate our Interline agreement effective September 15. From that date, neither airline will offer interline services, including the ability to re-equip passengers at reduced prices on the other airline in the event of flight cancellations. (Note that we will continue to take into account valid tickets purchased on September 14 through the existing Interline agreement, so that there will be no change.) Interline chords are turning points. For example, American Airlines may be able to issue the ticket on an American United route, but United may not be able to issue on the same route. A single interline agreement is called a one-sided interline. Airlines may also agree to a bilateral interline agreement in which each airline can issue the ticket to the other carrier. If you`re looking at The “Travel Information” section of ExpertFlyer, you`ll find a tab for interline chords. If you type AA for American Airlines, the list will be displayed in two letters code form for all airlines with which U.S. interlines meet.

These agreements generally do not allow you to collect or redeem miles with any airline, but experienced travelers know that it is always possible to collect miles for each flight segment. It`s going to take a little more work. Fortunately, is there a way to find out which airlines have interline agreements with other (and which) airlines? Some agents were told that Airline X could not reroute me to Airline Y because they didn`t agree just to be rerouted to Y after talking to another agent! I`m sure it would be nice to be armed with pro-avtively info interline. “This is strictly a ticketing and irregular baggage return agreement,” said Morgan Durrant, a Delta spokesman. “Real interline means things like price combination for travel agencies and third-party sales.

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