I’m here to provide support, advice and guidance as you move through your separation and divorce.




Through my own personal experience and working with many women I know the challenges people face when it comes to unraveling a relationship and all this entails.

And as anyone who has been through a divorce knows it can be a devastating experience and the immediate months and years can be the most challenging time you have ever had to face in your life.

I realized when I went through my divorce that I was out of control and needed help.

Even though I initiated the split, I still had to work through a myriad of feelings and deal with betraying a very deeply held value, family was more important than anything.

Although this is a particularly stressful and difficult time in our lives it also becomes a journey of self-discovery and personal growth, as we rediscover who we really are and just how resilient and resourceful we become in difficult times.

Like all challenging times in our lives, we all need that special someone to step in beside us.  To keep our feet firmly planted on the ground, to guide us to make wise and sound choices and decisions, to avoid making costly mistakes, and to know that we can take control of a situation that feels out of our control.

My commitment to my clients is to bring to each and every one of them the very best of what I have to offer.

If you feel drawn to reach out, to share your story, your struggle, your pain, then please click the link below to schedule a time to talk.


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