Jenny Smith is a highly skilled coach and facilitator, creator of the Divorced Women’s Club, and co-creator of a powerful new program designed to lead people to the lawyers, informed about the process and better prepared emotionally for the journey ahead.

Separation Made Easy www.separationmadeeasy.com

Jenny’s is an absolute advocate and champion for helping women rediscover themselves through the process of divorce. Her passion is helping women gain control of all aspects of the separation and divorce journey and transition into a new life feeling more empowered.

Jenny has created bespoke programs for her personal clients and steps in beside them to manage the process of separation, ensuring they are well informed of the legal, financial, and other aspects of separation. She teaches them powerful resources and techniques to manage emotions, communication and equipped to make wise decisions ensuring they are congruent with decisions by looking at all possible benefits and consequences.

Her clients feel positive and remain focused on achieving the best possible outcomes so they can begin to create their new future in the shortest period of time. It is key to every decision and every choice her clients make that they are aligned mind, body and spirit, resolving any emotional issues that may be affecting them, alleviate stress, ensuring they know how to feel calm and resourceful in all situations.

Change can be easy, if you know how.


She is passionate about helping women who struggle to regain their equilibrium during and after divorce and provides the tools and resources to help them redesign their life and their futures.

She believes in the ripple effect . We all have the ability to change ourselves and our lives and be positive role models for our families and our communities.

If you feel drawn to reach out, to share your story, your struggle, your pain, and take back control of your life then click the link below to schedule a time for us to talk.

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