Actors Feature Film Collective Agreement

On-site work must be carried out by the producer, except in exceptional circumstances (e.g. B, when filming at sea), adequate weather protection, adequate sun protection, cloakrooms or a fenced private cloakroom, washing utensils, towels, soaps, hygienic toilets and adequate seating on and off set. The manufacturer must provide a confined space (for example. B, a tent, tent or other appropriate facilities) for the use of performers in accordance with industry practices. Nothing in this Agreement prevents the artist from receiving money from a recognized collecting society responsible for the collection and payment of secondary royalties under collective agreements negotiated by such collecting societies under the laws of any jurisdiction (“Collection Company Income”), but this does not constitute an admission or acknowledgement that the producer is required to make a payment from the collecting societies to provide a collecting society. or the artist. media worldwide (less third-party sales and marketing commissions and expenses and less GST) to investors and the producer (including all co-producers and assignees) after reimbursement of the respective investments (and, where applicable, interest and premiums) by the investors and after reimbursement of all statements of good faith approved by the investors in the film and after reimbursement of all amounts, which are due to a guarantor of completion and, where applicable, as otherwise specified in the main production and investment agreement for the film in generally accepted industry standards. The definition of “net profits from films” is preferred by nations, with all other parties entitled to a share of the net profit of the film. “One-time productions” means game shows, feature films, television films, miniseries, documentaries (a) Subject to clause 4A(b), in the event that MEAA enters into a film agreement with a producer who is not a member of SPAA or IPI Inc., on terms more favourable to the producer than the conditions set forth herein, MEAA will disclose to SPAA and IPI Inc. the terms of this agreement, and MEAA will give SPAA and IPI Inc. the opportunity to accept all the terms of such agreement. If (f) this is the case, except as provided in clause 45(d)(i), the Agreement will not require the consent or consent of any person other than the producer and the individual artist.

(c) No still photographs will be taken during the rehearsal or filming of scenes in which the artist is to appear naked, half-naked or in scenes simulated by sex. A special photography session may be carried out immediately before or after the filming of such scenes, provided that the consent of the artist is obtained in accordance with Article 41 (b) and that the artist is clearly informed before and at the time of the still image session that such a session must take place. The artist will be granted the right of permission with respect to the selection of such publication photos and shall not refuse permission beyond the conditions under which consent was given in accordance with clause 41(b). (14) When the Class 2 points system for performers is introduced, a committee is formed composed of an equal number of producers who, on the one hand, are represented by SPAA/IPI Inc. and persons designated by the MOEA, on the other hand (collectively, “the Industry Committee”) to designate performers who are immediately classified as “Category 2 performers” and those who are not required to share their experience in accordance with the provisions of clause (16) below. c) During all rehearsal/filming periods, a rest period of at least ten (10) minutes per hour is granted. “Film” means a category A, B or C feature film as defined in section 33B that is shot wholly or primarily in Australia. (vi) indicate the date on which the agreement becomes operational. The Agreement is agreed by SPAA and IPI Inc., and this Agreement supersedes this Agreement. It is agreed that other factors may also be relevant in individual cases. (d) Subject to agreement on the points referred to in point (b), the parties will negotiate the appropriate remuneration or any other consideration to be paid to the Artist, which will be negotiated taking into account the matters referred to in point (b) and the reputation of the Artist. Films that were already funded before the signing of this agreement and that were produced before 2013 are excluded from the salary increases in effect on January 1, 2012.

The following factors are considered factors that may be important in determining whether a production is a Category C production. (i) makes available films and programs that, when viewed as part of the service provided, appear to be intended to appeal to the general public; (c) For the avoidance of doubt, no film making-of fee is due for the inclusion of the making-of film as a bonus on the DVD release of the film under this clause. The financing (by investment, negative pickup, pre-sale or other pre-distribution agreement) provides the MEAA with copies of the definitions of “net profits of the film” and “shareholder of the film” under the main production and investment agreement under the main production and investment agreement for the film at the same time as it is required to provide the report described in clause 39B.2 and confirm in writing: whereas this definition refers to a privileged country, with all other parties entitled to a share of the net profit of the film and a share of the producer`s share of the net profits of the film (as the case may be). (f) (i) During the rehearsal or filming of sex-simulated scenes or scenes in which the artist appears naked, the Producer shall ensure that the set (or rehearsal location) is closed to all but essential production personnel. c) The agreement between the producer and the individual artist shall: (b) the producer agrees that this agreement will apply to any separate affiliate or affiliate established by the producer for the purpose of producing feature films and employing performers. The manufacturer undertakes to take all necessary practical measures to achieve this. (a) The terms of an actor`s engagement shall be determined by the producer at the time of the award of the contract, confirmed in writing under Annex A to this Agreement and, if possible, transmitted to the performer or his representative at least 48 hours (excluding weekends) before the start of filming. (e) In the event that a film is profitable and the producer has made payments to LA MEAA in accordance with Article 39F, the producer and LA MEAA must have dramatized and scripted corporate dramas and videos/training films longer than 20 minutes, fully scripted and professionally produced. . . .

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