Assembly Service Agreement

4.1 The customer`s subscription fee is set in the corresponding order form and is based on the number of end-users and the version of the service acquired. The customer must pay all fees in case of payment and is responsible for providing comprehensive and accurate billing information to Assembled. If such fees are paid by credit card or other electronic means, the customer authorizes Assembled to calculate these fees using the payment method chosen by the customer. Payment obligations are not cancellable and the fees paid are not refundable, unless otherwise stated. The number of end-users purchased as part of a subscription cannot be reduced during the duration of the subscription. If the customer requires the use of an order or order number, the customer must provide the order number at the time of purchase. When the customer designates the use of a third-party payment network (for example. B of a payment agent), the customer is responsible for paying all fees and fees related to the use of this network. Assembled reserves the right to suspend the customer`s account in addition to all other rights and remedies available in the event of a customer`s account delay.

The suspension does not exempt the customer from the obligation to pay the amounts due.4.2 The customer agrees that his subscription be automatically renewed each year or each month, depending on the customer`s subscription (the “renewal date”). The customer authorizes Assembled to automatically charge the customer for the costs incurred on or after the renewal date, unless the subscription has been terminated or terminated in accordance with this Agreement. If the customer wants to reduce the number of end-users in their subscription, they must do so before the renewal date. Customers must cancel their subscription before the renewal date to avoid billing for the subscription fee for the next period. Customers can cancel their online subscription at any time by going to the account settings and following the instructions. If the customer decides to cancel their subscription for the duration of the subscription, the customer may use the service until the end of the subscription period or the customer extension period, but will not be refunded for the last (or before) fees.4.3 Subscription fees are based on annual or monthly periods (or in proportion to them, calculated daily) that start on the start date of the subscription and each month. Subscriptions to the service are sold on a staggered basis based on the number of end-users.

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