• Women who have reached their ‘tipping point’ – when leaving has become a viable option
  • Women who have recently separated
  • Women who have been divorced and struggling to move on with their life


Although everyone’s journey, personal circumstances and situation is different there are common threads that wind there way though this challenging time. 

My job, and my commitment to you is to ensure you are well equipped and fully supported every step of the way to move through this period of time feeling more in control of the process, a clear understanding of the path ahead and all the resources you need available to you. 

I have worked hard over the years to ensure I have the knowledge, expertise and experience to provide my clients with the very best of what I have to offer.  There may be times when I will challenge you, I will hold you accountable to your actions and decisions and I will do what needs to be done to keep you on track and moving towards your desired outcomes.   

When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves


There are many reasons I decided to specialise in divorce when I completed my training, and what better reason than because of my own personal experience?  My divorce, after 28 years of marriage was life-changing. My own unique journey and rebuilding my life after divorce led a commitment to pursue my lifelong interest in personal development.

Over a period of 5 years of study I earned certification as a Master NLP Practitioner, a powerful and versatile set of tools both for communicating effectively and for facilitating behavioural and psychological change.

Over the past 10 years I have worked with many women (and some men) struggling to navigate their way through the separation and divorce process.

I am committed to providing many other services designed to help women move confidently into their new life and open up a range of possibilities to embrace new and exciting experiences post-divorce.

Over this time I have been given some wonderful opportunities to appear in a variety of media outlets including,

  • A Current Affair
  • Soul TV – weekly appearance as a Divorce Expert
  • ABC Radio
  • Business Chicks Latte Magazine
  • SBS articles plus a range of local magazine, newspapers and radio interviews.


An outline of just some of the ways I work with my clients.

  • Strategies and action plans
  • How to overcome obstacles
  • Resolving emotional issues
  • Unpacking your beliefs and unconscious values and help to fulfil those values (these hidden parts of us that drive our decisions, behaviours and choices)
  • Identifying possible road-blocks and resistance to the process
  • Simple ways to change your state to feel more in control
  • How to look at different situations from a different perspective
  • Focusing on your desired outcome
  • Taking control of situations with integrity, self-respect and your head held high
  • Communication tools for family, friends, children and that nosey neighbour
  • Become part of a global community of women who share their wisdom and experiences to support other women
  • Join our Meetup Group to experience a range of different events, outings, get-to-gethers, workshops and retreats and amazing travel experiences as you rebuild your life after divorce
  • A referral network of respected family lawyers, mediators and financial advisers I know personally and trust.

If you have questions about how we might work together or prefer to book in for a 20 minutes chat with me about anything at all, click the link below to schedule a time that works for both of us.

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