Group of young women

Divorced Women’s Club Members Lounge was created to provide resources and support for women different stages of ‘divorce.’

Whether you are considering ending your relationship, separated, already divorced or struggling to adapt to life after divorce, this Closed Group on Facebook will give you the opportunity to meet with like-minded women, and become part of a warm and supportive community.

This is a safe space where you will receive support from other members, you are able to express yourself freely and say the things you can’t say to your friends and family.   It is a space for you to open up about your fears and questions about what your relationship was really about, the impact of this on your children if you have them, about being able to provide for yourself and your family, about being alone, finding love and trusting again.

You can begin a dialogue with the other ladies and as you do you will receive advice from other women who have been in your situation, and I will be contributing to your ongoing journey by sharing my knowledge and expertise as a divorce coach with weekly and sometimes daily advice and support.

This is the Sisterhood

“The true meaning of sisterhood is love, support, and the knowledge that there will always be someone around you can talk to or share your stories with, no matter what.

Sisterhood is being there to encourage one another through good times and bad.

Sisterhood is more than friendship; it is a bond that will last you an eternity and can help forge these friendships for a lifetime.”


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  • I want to personally thank you Jenny, the member’s lounge has a very good impact on building my new life with my two children.  When I joined I was like going crazy during the process of divorce but since I met you and the ladies I got motivated and it made me know the situations I was in at the time that I was not alone, the only thing I needed was to be strong for myself and for my young ones.  AM – South Africa
  • “It’s been my source of mental and emotional strength.  I go in there and have a smile at some beautiful posts by club members or go in there and post things that I need to get off my chest knowing that the members will give me feedback on what I need to do.  Sometimes they’re simple things that I do not see due to the mind being so clouded with ugly thoughts of divorce.” – Elvi – Australia
  • Being a member of divorced women’s club has enabled me to break out of isolation and rejoin the world.  Life does not end at divorce. I liken it to holding both hands out, one to grasp the hand of someone further down the recovery from divorce road, and the other to grasp the hand of someone not as far down the recovery road as I am and offer them support.  Lynda, New Zealand
  • Being a member has helped me to become a better me and to pull together not only with people in my community but people globally.  I really like this Club the members are all very helpful, including Jenny who is so very involved professionally in DWC.  Charlenia USA
  • “For me this has become a safe haven in the company of amazing women who support without judgment.  It is the first place I have felt comfortable enough to tell my story.” – Debbie –Australia
  • The loyalty of the women to each other is mind-blowing.  Strength, unity and friendship I have ever experienced. They are there for you to vent (which I have done), to stand by you, to praise you, inspire one another and just to be there when you need that shoulder. I watch some of the earlier ladies grow into almost mentors to the newer girls. Like you, Jenny, my heart swells with pride to see it happen.  Judy – South Africa