Iatse Basic Agreement 2018

These additional contributions will include $153 million in our health plan over the life of the agreement, without prejudice to benefits or coverage and members. It is important to note that future pension increases and the 13th and 14th cheques for retirees are linked to the health plan reserves prior to 2009. Obtain salary increases of 3% per year; protect our health and retirement plans; increase the contribution of all employers, including those who produce streaming content; improved safety and quality of life; improved rest periods; Increase and improve salaries, working conditions on streaming platforms. We are proud to say that the interim agreement has done this and more. The contract is the employment contract between the major film and television producers and IATSE. Among the main provisions of the 2015-2018 basic agreement are annual increases in salaries and pensions, as well as the absence of a reduction or increase in costs for participants in the health plan. The substantial improvement of the working conditions of new media productions is also an essential element of the agreement. We negotiated to protect the retirement and health plan, and this interim agreement achieves our goals. Under this agreement, there will be no reduction in pension and health benefits. Your bargaining committee has made significant progress on each of our key priorities. That`s why West Coast Studio Locals overwhelmingly supports this agreement.

Among the main provisions of the 2018-2021 basic agreement are wage and social gains, as well as significant improvements in the reversal and possibility of employer-provided round-trip transport or accommodation after long working days. In addition, the contract brings substantial improvements to the working conditions of a large number of streaming productions. A printed copy of the BCCFU Framework Contract 2018-2021 has been sent to all eligible members. You will find a PDF version below. Leaders from 12 of IATSE`s 13 West Coast residents supported the new three-year preliminary agreement with studios and networks. Executives at publisher Guild Local 700 strongly rejected the deal and said it did not get the provisions for processing time, pension plan funding, and new media arrears from shows aired on streaming services, in a rare case of opinions within IATSE, which has usually presented a unified front. . . .

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