Interim Agreement On International Civil Aviation

This Convention shall apply only to civil aircraft and not to State aircraft. States other than those referred to in articles 91 and 92 (a) may be authorized to participate in the Convention by a vote of four-fifths of the Assembly, subject to the agreement of a general international organization established by the nations of the world for the maintenance of peace, and under the conditions prescribed by the Assembly: in any event, the aid of a State, which was attacked or attacked by the host State during that war. The objective of the organisation is to develop the principles and techniques of international aviation and to promote the planning and development of international air traffic in order to: the provisions of this Chapter shall not apply to aircraft and aircraft equipment the prototype of which is submitted to the competent national authorities for certification before a date of three years from the adoption of an international standard. the airworthiness of these aircraft. This Convention shall not prevent two or more States Parties from establishing common air traffic organisations or international enforcement agencies and from grouping their air services on routes or to regions, but such organisations or agencies and bundled services shall be subject to all the provisions of this Convention, including those relating to the registration of agreements with the Council. The Council shall determine how the provisions of this Convention relating to the nationality of aircraft shall apply to aircraft operated by international operating agencies. The Convention forms an organization called the International Civil Aviation Organization. it consists of an assembly, a council and other necessary bodies. No representative of a State Party on the Council may participate actively in the operation of an international air service or have a financial interest in such a service. Spare parts and equipment imported into the territory of a Contracting State for introduction into or use in an aircraft of another Contracting State operating in international aviation shall be exempt from customs duties, provided that the provisions of the State concerned are complied with, which may provide that the goods shall be kept under customs control and control. .

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