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In most relationships, whether they be with a spouse, family and friends or work colleagues we compromise ourselves in some way, to either keep the peace, avoid confrontation or to be accepted, liked and even loved.

Got Kids? Getting Divorced? – Guest Author Amy Bell Shares Some Insights

Do you want to avoid having kids who are stressed, anxious, upset and conflicted?
Would you like your kids to feel as secure, supported and happy as possible during this time of transition?
Do you want to experience less stressful days, move on and settle into your new circumstances faster?

Divorce is an incredible opportunity to powerfully demonstrate particular beliefs about the world, how things work and what is possible to your children. What is it that you would like to demonstrate to your children? Do you want children who believe that when a marriage ends it is a painful experience, ? Do you want children who know that when life doesn’t go to plan you can adapt and move on to the next wonderful thing?


As humans we are so very good at naming and blaming people and circumstances for the things that we have continually showing up in our lives that are not what we want. Whether it’s the guy that used and abused us, the reasons why we are broke, or why we are overweight and unhealthy are […]