Feeling Good About Myself

Let’s start by taking control of one very important area of our lives.  How we feel about ourselves.

Like many women when we look in the mirror all we seem to notice are all the things we see that are ‘wrong’ with us.  I know you have done this!  I have too!

The more we focus on these things – they soon become all we notice.  This is quickly followed by the monkey chatter that seems to be a continuous stream of negative things about how we look and beating ourselves up for not taking better care of ourselves, and a whole lot of ‘shoulds’.  I really should make more of an effort, I really should go on a diet, I really should begin to do some exercise, I really should make myself look nicer and  take care of my appearance, all the way down the rabbit hole and ending up with things like ‘why would anyone be interested in me?’, ‘I’ll never meet someone when I look like this’ and on and on it goes until we end up feeling like shit about ourselves and our lives.

How would it be if I gave you a little exercise that will turn this thinking and focus around so that you feel good about yourself and start noticing all the great things you have going for you.

Of course the thing is that just reading this is not going to do it for you.  So give it a go and have some fun with it.  What have you got to lose?

Here’s how it goes.

  1. Sit yourself down where you can turn to look at a mirror, but don’t look at it just yet.
  2. With your back to the mirror I want you to think about a time when someone you know to be sincere paid you a compliment. If you are in one of those moods where your first response is “I can’t remember when anyone ever paid ME a compliment,” drop it right now and play along with me here!
  3. As you think about this time, and as you bring to mind the words they said and as you hear those words being spoken again in your mind, remember just how this make you feel.  Perhaps you can remember what it was you were wearing or doing at the time. Bring as much detail to mind in bright vivid colours, remembering the words they said and noticing how it made you feel.
  4. Now taking this feeling of being complimented and imagine this spreading through your whole body, through all the cells in your body and notice as you do this that this feeling is getting stronger and stronger
  5. Now turn around and look at yourself in the mirror.
  6. Voila!
  7. Now just imagine taking a picture of yourself just like this.  And imagine taking that picture right into your heart, place your hand on your heart and lock it in.  Now it is there with you all the time.

This is a way to anchor this new image and the feeling so that it is with you all the time.

One of my anchors for feeling really confident is a visual anchor that I created when I was working in real estate several years ago. One day I walked into the office wearing a stunning red dress.  Lots of very positive comments started flying around so I immediately took notice of how that made me feel, created a picture of me in this dress in my mind and then locked it in.  I have used this anchor so many times when I have had to walk into a room full of strangers, or get up and speak in an unfamiliar situation.  It instantly creates exactly the feeling I want, my posture changes instantly, my shoulders go back, my head is held high  and I feel totally in control.  So very simple and so very effective.

Give this a go and over the next few weeks and months you will begin to notice subtle little shifts in how you feel about yourself and how other people respond to you.

Our minds are the most incredibly powerful resources we have available to us, when you know how to use it.

Your thoughts, comments, personal story or suggestions are important to me.

With love and gratitude

Jenny xx

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