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If a “change in the law” causes the dealer to suffer: (i) increased costs or (ii) reduced net tax return or (iii) other financial expenses, the dealer can notify the authority and the parties can amend the agreement to neutralize its effects. The same would be true of the Authority. The term “partnership mediator” refers to an agency in a state or local government – or a non-profit organization owned, chartered, funded or managed by a state or local government or on behalf of a state or local government – that supports, advises, advises, evaluates or otherwise collaborates with small businesses; Higher education institutions covered by Section 201 (a) of the Higher Education Act 1965 (20 USC No. 1141 [a]); educational institutions under Title 10, the U.S. Code, that require technological assistance from a federal laboratory or are clearly able to use them productively, including public programs benefiting from cooperation agreements concluded pursuant to Section 5121 of the Omnibus Trade and Competitiveness Act of 1988 (15 USC No. 2781). [7] The process of commercial exploitation of research is very different. These may include licensing agreements or joint ventures and partnerships to share the risks and benefits of commercialization of new technologies. Other corporate vehicles, such as.

B spin-outs, are used where the host organization does not have the will, resources or skills to develop a new technology. Often, these approaches are linked to raising capital (CVC) as a means of financing the development process, a practice more common in the United States than in the European Union, which takes a more cautious approach to venture capital financing. [4] Spin-off research companies are a popular marketing vehicle in Canada, where the licensing rate of Canadian university research is well below that of the United States. [5] Cube Highways` application will be considered in accordance with the terms of the concession agreement, he added. Following the establishment by the Authority of a smart toll system (closed toll) or equivalent mechanism, the dealer is encouraged to switch to it. In the event of significant fluctuations in revenue collection due to the transition to such a system or mechanism, the Authority attacks the dealer for the purposes of the agreement. The dealer does not amend the payment settlement defined in the agreement, unless the Authority and the lenders have given their prior written approval. In the event of termination of the agreement by the Authority due to desatronins by the concessionaire and in addition to the loss of the security of services by the Authority, the Authority pays 70% of the “non-outdated cash flow”.

In the event of termination due to a breach of the Authority, it pays the granter an amount equivalent to 105% of the cash flows not due in the form of notice, subject to the uncontested certificate (NOC) issued by the representative registration release of the lenders/lenders who provide the fees (if any), otherwise the noC authority is directly debited by the payment of the “termination payment” to the “lender/lender representative”. Disputes are referred to the Society for Affordable Redressal of Disputes (SAROD) for arbitration proceedings, established in 2013 by NHAI and the National Highways Builders Federation (NHBF), a leading organization of all contractors/builders of NHs, national roads and bridges in India. “Investors have asked NHAI to push back the offers further because they want to see how the tolls come back in the event of the blockage being lifted.

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