Value Of Stamp Paper For Rent Agreement In Pakistan

The purpose of this requirement is to prevent one of the parties from adding a false or modified page to it at a later date. It avoids fraud in the application of contracts. It is difficult for a party to change the content of an agreement once. In the event of a change or correction, including a single word or letter, both parties must initialize at the place where they changed or corrected the word or letter and affix the company`s stamp. If the contract is signed between two people, then both parties must affix their initials and the thumbprint of each party`s thread. These parties continue to protect documents from falsification. This preventive measure will be very useful in the event of a dispute between the parties and a dispute. According to the established principle, the court can automatically verify fingerprints and signatures [PLJ 2005 Lahore 1011] Buffer paper is used in each printed copy of the contract according to the value described in the Stamp Act 1889, the purpose of the Stamp Act is to protect public revenues and not interfere in the life of business by invalidating the instruments essential to trade fluidity and commerce. If a document has been executed without the required stamp paper, such a document cannot be included in the evidence. It is considered a lag in the document. But it is not because an instrument cannot be admitted as proof that such an instrument is not valid.

Stamp duty levied on a document is set on the date of execution of the document, but the customs penalty must be set at the time of its submission for use as evidence. In this respect, two things are important. the written agreement between the owner and the owner can be made with witnesses, the conditions are set by the owner, without stamp paper. I want to rent my classroom, I can enter the agreement myself by establishing the corresponding conditions and conditions for the tenant, and present them before him. is it legal and I would be able to do everything right on the basis of a self-typed agreement. or are there legal forms for tenant-bailier-convention according to the most recent law there is no rent without written rent, According to the principle of Islamic proof, the decree Qanun-e-Shahadat of 1984 provides that two witnesses are necessary in cases of financial or future obligations. Each type of contract/agreement is certified by two witnesses and the following information about each witness must be indicated in contract i.

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